Bild på Matana Robert // Support: Space Trio

Matana Robert // Support: Space Trio

Matana Roberts is the internationally acclaimed New York-based composer, jazz saxophonist and clarinetist, sound artist and visual artist of whom the music site Pitchfork has said: “One of the most exciting new spirits in contemporary music”.

Roberts is perhaps best known for his musical masterpiece Coin Coin, which is now up to four discs and which, via improvisation, spoken word and quotes from songs and anthems, examines history, memory and ancestry, not least from an American horizon.

Born in 1975 in Chicago, Illinois, Roberts grew up on the city’s South Side and studied classical clarinet. Roberts formed the trio, Sticks and Stones, with bassist Josh Abrams and drummer Chad Taylor. In 2002, Matana Roberts moved to New York and started as a street musician in the subway.

Matana Roberts works in many different contexts and several different media with music, visual arts, dance, poetry and theater. In the summer of 2015, Roberts was artist-in-residence at the Whitney Museum of American Art, producing a series of research-based sound works entitled i call america. The following summer, Roberts had a solo exhibition at the Fridman Gallery titled I Call America II.

Now this strong, exciting musician and multi-artist is finally coming to Fasching.

“A unique, shape-shifting compositional voice” – LA Times

“Coin coin is a brilliant and deeply original project”.- LIRA


Space -Ullén/Bergman/Lund is a piano trio based in Stockholm that plays free jazz that channels both the American free jazz tradition and contemporary experimental music,

The three musicians combine raw power with a brilliant eye for detail every moment sparkles with possibility. Ullén, Bergman and Lund are all significant players in the Scandinavian Free Jazz scene and the trio has worked in many different contexts in recent years. Their debut album Space was recorded by Mats Äleklint during the pandemic in 2021 at the legendary venue Fylkingen, and will be released by the American record company Relative Pitch Records on March 4, 2022. The trio is currently working on their second album, which will be released December -23 Relative Pitch Records Lisa Ullén is a pianist and composer, born in Seoul, Korea, raised in northern Sweden. She has fronted her own quartet since the mid-nineties, and has so far released over 30 albums as a pianist. She studied at the Royal Musical Academy, Stockholm, and completed further studies in jazz at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, EAM at the electronic music studio EMS in Stockholm and the Royal Academy of Arts. She has worked for many years in the field of improvisation, free jazz and contemporary art music. Ullén tours internationally, both solo and in various groups

Elsa Bergman was born in Täby, north of Stockholm in 1989. Studied double bass in Trondheim, Norway at Sund Folkehøgskole and later the jazz department of the Music Conservatory. Moved back to Stockholm in 2012 and has since worked in various groups within free jazz and improvisation. Released his solo, A debuted on his own label in 2021.

Anna Lund, based in Stockholm Sweden, is a freelance drummer who works in several different jazz, improvisation and pop constellations. Has made music for several stage sets at Stadsteatern and Dramaten.

“The pianist has internalized the free jazz piano vocabulary, but she puts these tools together with the rigor and pacing of a serious composer, even if she’s creating on the fly. A knockout.”