Bild på Markusson/Henriksen/Norbakken/Linton


A new project with four of the Nordics’ most interesting improvisers and sound artists. The music moves between undulating soundscapes and intense improvisations where melodies in a Nordic tonality are woven together with percussion and processed sounds.

This groundbreaking project promises to offer listeners an extraordinary experience. Expect groundbreaking music that explores new territories and creates a fascinating sonic world.

The group will release three EPs in 2023 titled “SGS Sessions Vol. 1-3.” These will be available on all digital music platforms, inviting listeners into a world of unique sounds and musical interplay.

Thomas Markusson: With over 25 years of experience in the Swedish music scene, Thomas is a driving force as both a band leader and band member. His music bears distinct Scandinavian influences, characterized by openness and collaboration. 

Arve Henriksen: Since the early ’90s, Arve has been a significant voice in Norwegian modern improvisational music. Through releases on established record labels like Rune Grammofon and ECM, he has developed a tonal language that extends far beyond the Nordic borders. His musical expression has made him a sought-after musician and composer. 

Helge Andreas Norbakken: Helge has developed a unique and personal playing style by combining traditional percussion instruments with self-made sound creations. The result is an intriguing and inviting sonic landscape that creates a rare atmosphere. 

Åke Linton: With an impressive portfolio of recordings and previous experience as a sound engineer for the Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Åke adds another dimension to the project. His creation of soundscapes elevates the music to new heights and enriches the overall experience.

Thomas Markusson – double bass and electronics,
Arve Henriksen – trumpet, voice and electronics,
Helge Andreas Norbakken – percussion,
Åke Linton – sound design