Bild på Langendorf United + Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström

Langendorf United + Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström

Joakim Åhlund hardly needs any further introduction for most people, he has a CV that stretches from here to Bagarmossen. Founder and member of Caesars, Teddybears, Les Big Byrd and the group Smile together with Björn Yttling. As a songwriter and producer, he has worked with big names such as Håkan Hellström, Chrissie Hynde, Robyn, Giorgio Moroder, Charlie XcX to name a few.

Jockum Nordström is one of Sweden’s most successful artists. He has had notable exhibitions at many of the international art scene’s most prestigious museums in New York, Paris, Berlin, Japan, New Orleans, etc.

The two met when Joakim asked Jockum to create the cover for Caesars Palace’s first album. When Joakim discovered that Jockum not only shared his passion for dusty obscure vinyl records, but that he had actually been playing for many years, the idea of creating music together arose. As a band, Joakim & Jockum have previously released 3 albums and several singles, and also toured in France, Denmark, the USA and Sweden.

On the album “Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström meet Moussa Fadera” (2022), the two have teamed up with the talented young drummer Moussa Fadera from Stockholm. Moussa has a background on the Swedish jazz scene and has been a member of Joakim & Jockum’s live band for a couple of years now.

The music on the album can be described as eclectic or sprawling with elements of everything from jazz and free jazz to heated Afro-funk and melancholic Swedish folk. Fuzz guitars are mixed with beautiful strings, jazzy piano sounds, funky drum beats and oriental winding melodies from guest jazz prodigy Isak Hedtjärn’s flute and clarinet.

Joakim Åhlund Guitar/Bass
Jockum Nordström Bass/Guitar
Moussa Father Drums
Isak Hedtjärn Blow
Jesper Nordenström Piano/Keyboards
Per-Erik Adamsson Flute


Langendorf United is saxophonist Lina Langendorf’s band that creates an organic, senseless swing where they become a single vibrating body that embraces many genres. Ethiojazz meets Maliblues meets gospel meets Afrobeat meets melancholic melodies. Melodies that breathe both Scandinavian soul and influences from both the Mandinka tradition and the characteristic Ethiopian tone language, where the unmistakable bass lines act as supporting pillars while being the very driving force that moves the music forward.

In February 2023, the band celebrated the release of their debut album Yeahno Yowouw Land at a sold-out Fasching. “Total party”  the magazine Lira wrote about the concert! The song Selam New also got to start the entire Bandcamp Weekly the week after the album was released and Yeahno Yowouw Land was then named Album of the week by music producer Tony Heynen on Global Riddims.

Daniel Bingert – keyboards, saxophone, guitar
Martin Hederos – keyboards, piano, viola
Ole Morten Vågan – double bass
Andreas Werliin – drums
Lina Langendorf – saxophones