Bild på Landaeus Trio with Holmström and Kullhammar

Landaeus Trio with Holmström and Kullhammar

Gilbert Holmström, the pioneering saxophonist and composer is a big part of Swedish jazz history, and even received the Swedish Jazz Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award a few years ago for his long work since the debut “Utan Misstankar” in 1965. Gilbert Holmström, who just turned 86, is still a powerful and vital saxophonist, constantly in search of new expressions. Generations of younger musicians have admired him and his work for decades, including his legendary band “Mount Everest”. One of these admirers is the well-known saxophonist Jonas Kullhammar, who both reissued “Utan Misstankar” on his own label Moserobie and has made new collaborations with Gilbert.

Now these two giants within Swedish jazz are coming to Fasching together with the Landæus Trio, a trio of extraordinary breadth. They mostly play their own original music, but can just as easily slip in a Monk song, a pop classic or a piece of free jazz. In their interplay there is a simple obviousness and an infectious joy of playing that appeals to the most ardent jazz enthusiast as well as to less experienced listeners. The versatile pianist Mathias Landæus has also played with Gilbert Holmström for more than a decade, in various constellations and now recently with his trio.

Gilbert Holmström – saxophone
Jonas Kullhammar – saxophone
Mathias Landæus – piano
Johnny Åman – bass
Cornelia Nilsson – drums