Bild på La la Lars

La la Lars

Since the early 2000s, Lars Skoglund has made a name for himself as the drummer behind a number of successful Swedish artists – frequently employed both on stage and in the studio. As Lykke Li’s permanent bandleader, member of the critically acclaimed jazz group Oddjob, as well as drummer behind the artist Markus Krunegård – the list can be made long.

In 2017, he took the step as a composer and producer when, together with some of the absolute biggest musicians in Swedish jazz, he recorded his first solo album under the name La La Lars. In 2022 the album La La Lars III was nominated for a Grammy for Jazz of the Year.

As we are about to see him again at Fasching, he is coming out with the sequel –  La La Lars IV.


Jonas Kullhammar – saxophone
Goran Kajfes – trumpet
Carl Bagge – piano
Johan Berthling – bass
Lars Skoglund – drums, composer, producer