Bild på Kebnekajse


Time for the annual tradition of  a concert with Kebnekajse – known for their electrified fiddler’s music and who refuse to play on nostalgia!

An extremely classic and original band. Kebnekajse has been and continues to be one of the most style-shaping bands in Sweden and abroad. When their heavy version of the Horgal song took hold at countless music parties, the ring dance went around so that the hippie hair fluttered and the kneecaps smoked. Heavy and tight, light and airy.

Welcome to a different sound experience!

The setting is original

Kenny Håkansson- electric guitar, vocals,
Göran Lagerberg- electric bass,
Mats Glenngård- violin, guitar,
Thomas Netzler-electric bass,
Pelle Ekman–drums,
Hassan Bah –timbales, djembe, percussion