Bild på Jazzmeia Horn

Jazzmeia Horn

She has been called the future of jazz, she has received prestigious awards and she has knocked critics and audiences at home in the USA. Get ready to meet one of jazz’s biggest shooting stars.

In 2015, Jazzmeia Horn won the Thelonious Monk Competition – and since then she has been in demand to say the least. Downbeat’s John Murph states that she “owns the stage as soon as she steps on it. She exudes a bold and majestic presence that commands respect, and this is enhanced by her elegant vocals”.

In 2017, singer Jazzmeia Horn’s debut album A Social Call was nominated for a Grammy. On the record, Jazzmeia Horn scats and sings with such a naturalness that critics began to speak of her as the future of jazz and the record was quickly nominated for the best vocal record of the year. On A Social Call she moves seamlessly over standards, hard bop, r´n´b and more spiritual jazz songs. The record company Prestige compared her to Sarah Vaughan in the press release and that is the level this young star is at.

Not only is she a dazzling singer. In songs like People Make The World Go Round, she also addresses some of the most important problems of our time: racism, environmental destruction and corrupt politicians. In interviews, she emphasizes that she is not a protest singer, but that she obviously wants her music to contribute to change.

The latest record Love and Liberation came in 2019 – bursting with musicality, strength and brave messages about our times. Her original compositions and covers breathe and follow the jazz tradition mixed with R&B, hip-hop and a love for melodic lines reminiscent of greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone.

We look forward to welcoming Jazzmeia Horn back to Fasching!