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Jaubi is an experimental group from Lahore in Pakistan, which, in its highly personal sound, mixes spiritual jazz with North Indian classical music, hip-hop, neo-soul and funk.
The group mixes traditional Indian instruments such as the tabla and the string instrument sarangi with guitar and keyboards. Jaubi was founded in 2013 by tabla player Kashif Ali Dhani, sarangi player Zohaib Hassan Khan, percussionist Qamar Abbas and guitarist Ali Riaz Baqar. Khan is an eighth-generation sarangi player, Abbas and Dhani also come from families with a long musical history, while guitarist Ali Riaz Baqar is self-taught.
The band’s eclectic stance is not only revealed by the instrumentation and sound, but also in the name, which is taken from Urdu and means ‘anything’. Jaubi’s philosophy is therefore to create and play what feels and sounds good.
The group’s desire to promote the fusion of Indian music with other traditions follows predecessors such as Pandit Ravi Shankar, flutist Hariprasad Chaurasia and tabla player Ustad Zakir Hussain. The latter, as you know, one of the original members of John McLaughlin’s ground-breaking and still very lively Shakti.
From Lahore to Kungsgatan 63, the musical step is shorter than you might think. That’s why the door to jazz club Fasching is open for Jaubi.

Ali Riaz Baqar – guitar
Tenderlonious – flutes, saxophones, synthesizer,
Tim Carnegie – drums,
Kashif Ali Dhani – tabla, percussion,
Horatio Luna – bass
Zohaib Hassan Khan – sarangi
Marek ‘Latarnik’ Pędziwiatr – Fender Rhodes Mark II, grand piano, Roland Juno 60
Nick Walters – trumpet

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