Bild på Hellsongs


This year it has been 20 years since they played their first gig ever (out in a barn in Älvängen).
2004 was the year when the concentration of Co2 emissions was at 377 PPM, Lena PH broke down with the song “Det gör ont” and the neo-Nazis landed on a modest 1.13% in the EU elections. It somehow feels like yesterday and at the same time like a distant utopian dream. Their next record came in 2013 “These are evil times” and everyone thought that the bottom had been reached. Maybe it was, but more for the band’s part perhaps? At least the air went out of them for a while. But now, after a few years of hibernation, it suddenly starts to feel fun to tune the strings, press down on the sustain pedal and dust off the old songs again.

With this new feeling was also born a strong desire for something new and suddenly they are here again. Just in time for the twentieth anniversary, they are not only older, but also more, a lot angrier and as if all this were not enough, with a brand new record ready to be released. In October, The Return of the Hellsingers will be released, and in connection with that, the band invites everyone for a politcal sing-along. There are a total of nine new songs, four own songs and five oldies. All on the theme of more love and togetherness, less hate and inequality.
hell yeah!

The new album “Return of the Hellsingers” will be released on October 25 via Tapete Records.