Bild på Gothenburg Art Ensemble

Gothenburg Art Ensemble

Gothenburg Art Ensemble is a modern big band that was started in 2022 by the musicians and composers Malin Wättring & William Soovik. Malin & William have been playing together for a long time and got an idea to start a project where they got an outlet for their common interest in composing and arranging music for larger ensembles. Gothenburg Art Ensemble is the fruit of this idea. The premiere was held at Atalante in Gothenburg and was a success!

The band, which plays newly written compositions by Wättring & Soovik, consists of 19 strong and personal instrumentalists, mainly based in Gothenburg. Some musicians are invited from Stockholm & Trondheim.

The music originates in modern jazz and improvisational music and the concert consists of two sections, one for each composer. Wättring’s part is colored by great dynamics, sheer melody and beautiful harmonies mixed with uncompromising free improvisation. Soovik’s section offers plenty and intensity, rocking electric guitar, raucous free jazz and superhero-inspired melodies mixed with the occasional flute solo.

The Big Band Series at Fasching presents on four occasions four Swedish star-studded big band constellations led by some of the foremost composers and arrangers Sweden has to offer today: Per Texas Johansson, Lina Nyberg, Erika Hammarberg, William Soovik and Malin Wättring. The project is carried out with the support of the Cultural Council.



Axel Mårdsjö – woodwind,
Adrian Åsling-Sellius – woodwind,
Lisen Rylander-Löve – woodwind,
Signe Dahlgreen – woodwind,
Alberto Pinton – woodwind,
Malin Wättrin – woodwind,
Jonathan Kronevik – trumpet,
Staffan Svensson – trumpet,
Hildegunn Öiseth – trumpet,
Linnea Jonsson – trumpet,
Hanne Småvik – trombone,
David Engvall – trombone,
Ella Wennerberg – trombone,
Niclas Rydh – trombone,
Joel Fabiansson – guitar
Olimpia Dynarek – piano
Viktor Reuter – double bass
Julia Schabbauer – drums
William Soovik – drums

Direction and composition: Malin Wättring & William Soovik