Bild på Felix Tani Kvartett feat. Jeff “Tain” Watts

Felix Tani Kvartett feat. Jeff “Tain” Watts

Felix Tani Quartet featuring Jeff “Tain” Watts, Tomas Franck, and Daniel Franck embarks on a highly anticipated Scandinavian tour in May 2024. The quartet seamlessly blends traditional and modern sonic landscapes through Felix Tani’s original compositions and gems from the standard repertoire. Felix Tani, an outstanding pianist and composer, explores the boundaries of jazz with virtuosity and creativity. Felix has collaborated with musicians such as Bernt Rosengren, Manfred Mann, Billy Hart, Anders Bergcrantz, and Joe Dyson.

It’s worth noting that the encounter between Felix and Jeff “Tain” Watts took place approximately eight years ago at a jam session at Montmartre in Copenhagen, where Tomas Franck was also present. It was there that the core of the band was formed, making this tour a special joy and reflecting the musical camaraderie that has grown over the years.

Felix has a long history with Tomas Franck, dating back to Felix’s youth when Tomas played with Felix’s father, Arne Olsson (known for Vieux Carré, Tordyveln flyger i skymningen, etc.). Felix and Daniel Franck also share a common history, having started playing jazz together as teenagers in Helsingborg. This rich background and musical grounding add an extra dimension of collaboration and understanding within the quartet.


Jeff “Tain” Watts, an outstanding drummer and composer, is renowned for his dynamic force behind the drums and groundbreaking compositions that fuse traditional jazz elements with modern influences. Watts continues to be a highly regarded artist and a respected force in the jazz scene. Jeff is known for his collaborations with Wynton and Branford Marsalis, Kenny Garrett, Michael Brecker, and Kenny Kirkland.


Tomas Franck, the legendary saxophonist, offers melodic interpretation and improvisation spanning various jazz styles. His passion and ability to create magical musical moments have endeared him to audiences as a beloved artist in the jazz scene. Tomas has performed with a diverse range of musicians, from Peps Persson and Fredrik Norén to NHÖP and Roy Haynes.


Daniel Franck, an established bassist on the jazz scene, is sought after for his technical skill and musical sensibility. His solid bass playing provides a responsive foundation for inspiring performances. In addition to his live appearances, he is also a composer with a distinctive sound and has collaborated with the likes of Doug Raney, Antonio Farao, Lage Lund, and Joey Calderazzo.