Bild på Emma Rawicz

Emma Rawicz

Already at the age of 21, Devon-born saxophonist and clarinetist Emma Rawicz has released two critically acclaimed records, won a number of awards and has been a frequent guest at  the big jazz stages of London, Ronnie Scott’s and The Jazz Cafe.

Emma Rawicz started playing classical violin before she discovered jazz at the age of fifteen, changed instruments to the saxophone and later studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Two of her great inspirations are Joe Henderson and Wayne Shorter, two tenors with strong narrative voices, where Shorter also inspired Rawicz to a refined soprano playing.

Now Emma Rawicz is part of the young British jazz wave that is attracting attention in the jazz world. Rawicz with a music that covers several different genres, fusion, Indian folk music, hard bop and with an obvious ease in playing and composition. Chroma is the name of the latest record and the title is a clue to Emma’s synesthesia where her visual impressions are connected to music. She can simply see colors in music.

Emma Rawicz comes to Fasching with a bouquet of colorful and nuanced jazz.

Emma Rawicz – saxophone
Ivo Neame – piano
Conor Chaplin – bass
Marc Michel – drums