Bild på Ellas Kapell

Ellas Kapell

After the two critically acclaimed and award-winning albums ‘Longing’ and ‘What’s It All About?’, the jazz quartet Ellas Kapell will release, in November 2023, their third album ‘For All We Know’. With their innovative arrangements, which can almost be compared to their own compositions, the group continues to interpret music from the jazz tradition. This time they focus on creating moods and sound worlds to rest in or be surprised by. The theme of the record is sadness, but with glimpses of something else. It is in the cracks that the light seeps in and with the music Ellas Kapell wants to reflect the times when the darkness suddenly lightens and despair turns to hope.

Of course, there are many who have interpreted classic jazz compositions throughout the ages, but if reviewers and audiences are to be believed, there are few who do it in the same innovative way as Ellas Kapell. The four members met in 2016 and have since released (soon) three records, won the Golden Disc readers’ vote (JAZZ/Orkesterjournalen), named Vocal Jazz of the Year by Lira Musikmagasin and streamed over four million times. In recent years, the band has toured extensively and collaborated with great Swedish jazz musicians such as Magnus Lindgren and Karin Hammar. In 2017, Ellas Kapell appeared in the SVT documentary We own the dreams.

“It’s not every day that you hear such classic material managed so fresh, unsought and obvious.”

Johannes Cornell – DN

“Best right now!”

Märet Öhman – Sweden’s Radio P2

Lovisa Jennervall – vocals
Manne Skafvenstedt – piano
August Eriksson – double bass
Edvin Fridolfsson – drums