Bild på Ebba Åsman

Ebba Åsman

Jazz trombonist, songwriter and producer Ebba Åsman has toured the world with jazz and funk bands as well as pop and rap artists. During her career, she has visited everything from sweaty basements to the most renowned concert halls in Europe, including the concert hall in Berlin, Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in London and the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. On October 5, she and the band will come to Fasching with her brand new album.

‘Be Free’, as Ebba Åsman’s new album is called, is a cross-fertilization of jazz and hip-hop – but for her herself genre definitions are more or less uninteresting. Instead, it is about, as the title also suggests, being allowed to be free in one’s creation and not being limited by either one’s own or others’ perceptions of what jazz music should be.

Anna Greta Sigurdardottir – keys
Tomas Sjödell – bass
Sebastian Ågren – drums
Ebba Åsman – trombone, vocals