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Damer i Blues + The Blue Beans

Stockholm’s Blues Association presents Damer i Blues – Rita Engedalen and Margit Bakken + The Blue Beans

Damer i Blues

In 2023, Rita Engedalen and Margit Bakken celebrate 20 years together. They celebrate their anniversary year with musical tributes to some of the most important women in blues history.

– The female blues pioneers must not be forgotten – the stories and their voices are too strong for that!

It will be their first gig in Stockholm. In connection with the concert, they have brought their new CD with them. During 20 years, there have been many concerts and collaborative projects with both Norwegian and foreign female musicians. Rita and Margit became famous when Kristin Berglund invited guests to her musical project “Bluesens Tøffe Damer” in 2003. She became an important inspiration and friend for Damer i Blues.

Over the years, Rita and Margit  have visited most places in Norway with “Damer i Blues”, and they have toured internationally as “Women in Blues” in countries such as USA, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

In the last year, Rita Engedalen has devoted a lot of time to her solo career with a tour and a new critically acclaimed album “Sun Will Come”. The record has received excellent reviews and received radio plays both in Norway and abroad. It was also nominated for this year’s Spellemanspris in Norway in the category Blues., She won the Spellemanspris 2006 in the category Blues.and won the second edition of the European Blues Challenge 2012 in Berlin.

Despite this great success, Rita will devote a lot of time to “Ladies in the Blues” in connection with their 20th anniversary.

Rita Engedalen and Margit Bakken have released critically acclaimed and award-winning albums under their own names, and in 2012 the duo released their first album together “Broken Soul Blues”. It received many good reviews both in Norway and abroad. In conjunction with International Women’s Day on March 8 this year, they released the single “Let the Freedom Come”.

Margit Bakken has been an active singer and performed at a number of music festivals for a number of years. She released her first music album “On The Other Side” in 2009, with self-written and self-composed songs. The debut album received rave reviews and rave reviews.

Rita Engedalen, vocals, guitar
Margit Bakken, vocals, guitar


The Blue Beans

2009 saw the last tour with Little Jenny and The Blue Beans. Jenny Bohman’s passing in 2010 put an end to a thunderous decade for the heavily touring band.

Now, The Blue Beans temporarily arise together again for the first time in 13 years. We are treated to Blue Bean’s songs in a different format. Partly backed by our fantastic Norwegian colleagues Rita and Margit, we get a glimpse of the “Beans”. “At The End Of The Day”, the 3rd and last album, is released as a physical CD this very evening.

– We are proud and happy to share the music we created so long ago.

Mia Kempff, bass, vocals, guitar
Lotta Partapuoli, guitars
Justina Lakin, drums