Bild på Camille Bertault

Camille Bertault

Jazz singer Camille Bertault went from being a domestic affair to an international exclamation point when her combined vocals and scat version of John Coltrane’s Giant Steps became a viral exclamation point in 2015.

The Coltrane interpretation Là Où Tu Vas later ended up on the Paris-born singer’s album Pas De Géant which – together with her own texts for classics such as Bill Evans’ Very Early, scat version of Bach’s Goldberg Variations and interpretations by George Brassens – took the jazz world by storm in 2018 .

On the latest album Le Tigre, Bertault has taken a comprehensive approach to text and music and has written and recorded almost all the material. Steely Dan’s Michael Leonhart, with whom Bertault also worked for Pas De Géant, has produced. With its feet still in jazz and folk, the new record leans more towards both funk and Brazilian music in its very own mix. Despite a thoughtful and introspective side, with Camille Bertault there is always room for musical heel kicks and an outstretched tongue for all forms of tongue-in-cheek self-absorption. Like contemporary Swedish jazz singers such as Amanda Ginsburg, Camille Bertault also has an obvious anchoring in folk.

Regardless of the genre, Camille Bertault puts a personal color on the material, and the new record Bonjour mon amour shows that she is much more than a virtuoso scat improviser.

Camille Bertault – vocals,
Fady Farah – piano, Rhodes, organ,
Christophe Minck –  bass, Moog, voice,
Minino Garay – percussion, drums,
Julien Alour – trumpet, flugelhorn