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Brooklyn Funk Essentials

After several sold-out gigs, Brooklyn Funk Essentials now returns to the Fasching scene!

2024 will be an exciting year for Brooklyn Funk Essentials as it marks the 30 year anniversary of the band’s debut album ‘Cool & Steady & Easy’. With over 16 million Spotify streams, the album is still very much alive and arguably one of the most loved recordings of it’s kind and era. A special re-release of the album is under way on Dorado Records in the spring.

Brooklyn Funk Essentials will continue touring with last year’s highly successful ‘Intuition’ album. Soul Tracks nominated the group as Artist Of The Year 2023 and the single ‘AA Side Single’ for Song Of The Year. In the words of Blues & Soul’s Emrys Baird: “Their ineffable funkiness always seems to prevail – there’s no stopping them. Form is temporary and class is permanent and these guys are a class act in anyone’s book.”

Brooklyn Funk Essentials has continued to evolve and find a new audiences ever since the beginning. The band’s two albums from the 2010s ‘Funk Ain’t Ova’ and ‘Stay Good’ have generated over 10 million streams. In 2022, BFE released the singles ‘Scream!’ and ‘AA Side Single’, which were named one of Soul Track’s best soul songs of the year. Both songs are on the band’s new album ‘Intuition’, which will be released in May this year.

Since 2016, British house queen Alison Limerick is the singer of BFE – a role she shares with Stockholm-based Desmond Foster, who also plays guitar. Hux Nettermalm plays drums with Kronlund on bass and Rickard Valdés on congas. In the brass we find the young Swedish stars Ebba Åsman on trombone (Sunday only) and Erik Tengholm on trumpet. Saxophone  by Loic Gayot and behind the keyboard is Kristoffer Wallman. This year they also have guest trumpeter from Portugal Jessica Pina on the Saturday.

Alison Limerick – vocals
Desmond Foster – guitar and vocals
Lati Kronlund – bass
Hux Nettermalm – drums
Ebba Åsman – trombone and vocals (only 16/6)
Kristoffer Wallman – keyboards
Loic Gayot – saxophone
Rickard Valdes – percussion
Erik Tengholm – trumpet
Jessica Pina – trumpet (6/15 only)