Bild på Bosses – a tribute to Bo Hansson

Bosses – a tribute to Bo Hansson

Bo Hansson was a Swedish musician best known for his four instrumental progressive rock studio albums released throughout the 1970s. His album Sagan Om Ringen was released on Silence Records in autumn 1970 and became a huge hit. Copies of the album began to filter across to Britain where it came to the attention of Tony Stratton-Smith, who was so impressed that he released the album as Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings on his own Charisma Records label in September 1972. The album peaked at #34 on the UK Album Chart and became Hansson’s only UK Top 40 album.

Bo Hansson did something that few had succeeded in doing in 1970, namely to break through as a musician internationally and in principle completely without marketing, concerts or a beautiful appearance. Not even Abba had succeeded at that time.

Although there were plans for concerts on the continent and in the United States, these remained on the back burner as Bosse always withdrew from such strenuous travel and was content to record one fascinating record after another.