Bild på Anna koka 5 ägg Jag är värd i huset

Anna koka 5 ägg Jag är värd i huset

On May 8, 2022, the prog band and the obscure Skåne group reunited with their Anna koka 5 ägg Jag är värd i huset, for the first time after 47 years, at Kulturkvarteret in Kristianstad (to celebrate the reissue of their sold-out LP from 1975)! And now on Saturday, September 30 2023, the group has chosen to do the only gig outside Skåne, here at Fasching in Stockholm (the third in total since 1975 “…and probably the last” says the group!)

Anna Koka 5 Egg Jag Är Värd i Huset has been compared by many to the then-contemporary mysterious group PHILEMON ARTHUR & the DUNG, but here they come now with 12 men in the ensemble and significantly larger instrumentation. It’s going to be a wonderful evening of music of the rarer kind in true 70s spirit.

What you get this evening is not only a concert, but also funny interludes and explanations to the different song lyrics. The big question about how they came up with the band name will of course be answered.

The reunion in Kristianstad 2022 was an evening late to forget from several aspects, in addition to hearing ‘the group most missed’ play live after such a long time, it also became national news after the brothers Rolf and Mats Svensson performed the song “Om ni tycker jag undviker er”, which was written by the legendary cult duo Philemon Arthur & the Dung, and also revealed more hitherto unknown facts about these ! There was a buzz through the audience as they sounded very similar to the original. The question that arose was, are these brothers Philemon Arthur & the Dung or are they kidding us? There was a lot of speculation in certain threads on social media and forums on the internet with features on the radio and SVT.

(So the question is; Will we get the answer now on September 30….)


Rolf Svensson – vocals, semi-acoustic guitar
Mats Svensson – vocals, banjo
Isac Svensson – vocals
Susanna Linander – vocals
Lennart Remgard – electric piano, guitar, congas
Percy Hultberg – drums
Ulf Westerberg – bass guitar, tambourine
Lars Sundling – bass guitar, electric guitar
Tomas Trulsson – flute, saxophone