Bild på Amanda Ginsburg

Amanda Ginsburg

“There is an echo of our legendary jazz singers in her music. She has the ability to create new and extremely charming songs that allow themselves to be inspired by their history, but speak with a voice all their own.”

This was the jury statement when Amanda Ginsburg received Sweden’s composer/lyricist’s Jazz Award, which, by the way, is not the only award this singer has received: Amanda Ginsburg has won Jazz of the Year at the Swedish Grammys not just once but twice (2019 and 2021) and she constantly plays for sold out houses around Sweden. She sings about the simple things in the everyday life, the slightly banal stories that make up a large part of everyone’s life, and she does it with gusto! Amanda Ginsburg’s signature is the everyday observations and the close address, the quiet turn in her voice that makes you think of Barbro Hörberg, Monica Zetterlund and Sonya Hedenbratt. The sound is Swedish jazz from the 60s with front figures such as the aforementioned Zetterlund and Jan Johansson, a golden age after the famous golden age of the 50s.