Bild på Cyrille Aimée

Cyrille Aimée

Jazz magazine Downbeat has listed her as one of the best young jazz artists who will set the tone for how jazz will sound for decades to come. Vanity Fair has included her in a report about the young jazz artists who are shaking up the jazz world. And the New York Times has written that she has a “sweet, girlish voice that she controls with the certainty of a sniper.” French-born Brooklyn resident Cyrille Aimee is simply someone you have to keep an eye on if you’re interested in jazz.

When she was little, she was given a guitar as a gift by a Romani musician. She grew up in Samois, near Paris. The town is best known for the fact that Django Reinhardt lived here and for the festival held in his honor every year . It was also the love of Django’s Roma-inspired jazz that made her start playing. In Cyrille Aimee’s music, one can hear Django’s pulse embedded in Caribbean rhythms (her mother is from the Dominican Republic), French melodies and classic American jazz.

Vocals – Cyrille Aimee 
Piano – Mathis Picard
Drums – Pedro Segundo
Bass – Dario Deidda