Bild på Adam Forkelid

Adam Forkelid

Record release for Adam Forkelid “Turning Point”!

In 2021, Adam released the record “1st Movement”, which was the first with his new quartet with star guitarist Carl Mörner Ringström as well as Daniel Fredriksson on drums and Niklas Fernqvist on bass. It received a lot of attention for the group’s unique sound and for Adam’s strong and imaginative compositions, where he draws inspiration from everything from Chopin and Satie to Chick Corea, and it was named by several as one of the best jazz records of the year, including the radio show P1 Kultur.

The interplay between guitar and piano is central and the sound is located in the borderland between electric and acoustic. As DN’s Johannes Cornell put it: “With a touch of honest electricity, they even manage to add a whole dimension.”

Now we look forward to the music from the quartet’s second album “Turning Point” as Adam and the band take the music one step further.

Adam Forkelid – piano
Carl Mörner Ringström – guitar
Niklas Fernqvist – bass
Daniel Fredriksson – drums

“Pianist Adam Forkelid has long been one of Sweden’s foremost pianists” (Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten).

“Here Forkelid proves that he is also a composer of rank, eight exciting and varied pieces that leave you wanting more.”
“Add to that a world-class guitarist, what Carl Mörner Ringström can’t play isn’t worth listening to.” (Nils Ågren, 7th grade).

“With a touch of honest electricity, they even manage to add a whole dimension.” (Johannes Cornell, DN)

“On the way to something big.” (Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen)

“Adam Forkelid writes in the booklet that everything fell into place with this quartet and you have to agree. Highly recommended.” (Andreas Lagercrantz, Lira)

“Jazz with heart and brain by a brilliant pianist and composer.” (Märet Öman, Swedish Radio)