Bild på Joyce Moreno

Joyce Moreno

Rio de Janeiro-born singer, composer and guitarist Joyce Silveira Palhano de Jesus released her debut album Joyce in 1968 and has written 400 songs interpreted by the biggest names both in Brazilian pop and in the rest of the pop world.

At the age of fourteen, Joyce learned to play the guitar by watching his thirteen year older brother. The home in Rio was often visited by famous musicians and Joyce was introduced to the latest in bossa and jazz. At the age of sixteen, she made her first studio recording at the invitation of guitarist and boss pioneer Roberto Menescal. She started composing, mostly for fun – a professional career was then only a distant dream.
The debut came four years later and Joyce became a pioneer as a female composer and musician in 1960s Brazil. Now she has released around forty of her own albums and been nominated for four Latin Grammys. The latest Natureza plate came last year. A record – produced and arranged by Claus Ogerman – that has been unreleased since the mid-70s when Joyce and Ogerman bumped into each other during Joyce’s time in New York.

Now this pioneering artist is finally coming to the Stockholm Jazz Festival and Fasching for a bossaevening worthy its name.

“One of the best singers of all times!… As if it weren’t enough, Joyce is a great composer and plays ace guitar!”—Antonio Carlos Jobim

Joyce Moreno – voice, guitar
Tutty Moreno – drums
Rodolfo Stroeter – bass
Helio Alves – piano
Tom Andrade – percussion