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The Scorpios

The concert is part of the collaboration Fasching X Selam

Originally from Sudan, London-based The Scorpios blend Arabic rhythms and guitars with a raw funk feel in a music that owes equal parts to Detroit and Khartoum.

After fleeing the takeover of power in Sudan in the eighties, the band now, from its base in London, breaks down all attempts to establish cultural boundaries.

In 2018, the band released the hit single Mashena, which landed in the best way with DJs around the world. With heavy bass lines, synths, brass and percussion marrying the traditional Sudanese, The Scorpios create a hypnotic, funk-infused Afrobeat.

For Fasching, the ten-man band comes with new material from the new upcoming album “Lemon Barah”.

Reigia Ishag – vocals
Osman Gerien – vocals and percussion.
Yasir Tahir – guitar
Adam Bulewski – rhythm guitar
Awed Osman – percussion
Ronnie Maxwell – bass
Steve Sincock – trumpet
Sue Lynch – saxophone
Mimi Kombayishi – keyboards
Will Roberts – drums