Bild på Süperstar Orkestar

Süperstar Orkestar

With new songs, renewed energy and hungrier than ever, the foxes from the Balkan are back at Fasching. The objective is the same as before; Swing, party, joy and energy. Balkan music, when it is at its most glorious and intense.

Süperstar Orkestar has drawn its inspiration from the magical melting pot that exists among Roma musicians in North Macedonia and Serbia. Where East, West, tradition and development meet and the idols are not named Messi, Ronaldo or Zlatan but Dzambo, Marko and Demko. Here there is an unimaginable source of new impulses and the musical bar is constantly being raised.

Jens Edenhed – clarinet
Lars Ydgren – alto sax
Magnus Hedenborg – trumpet
David Bruntesson – trumpet
Håkan Säfvestad – tenor horn
Mikko Iskanius – tenor horn
Göran Christenssen – bass tuba
Gustav Nahlin – percussion

Isak Andersson – slagverk