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​​Spöket i Köket

Spöket i köket (The Ghost in the Kitchen), is the heaviest folk-big-band in Scandinavia. A Swedish/Danish/Belgian lounge/rave orchestra gathering dancing tunes and ballads from the Nordic and Canadian tradition, as well as from their own heads.

Ten musicians on twenty instruments provide a wide variety of sounds, enabling the individual backgrounds of each member to shine through, while together creating a bigger whole. Styles such as manouche-jazz and heavy metal will not go unnoticed in the soundscape of traditional music, which is as soothing as it is ear smashing.

Nisse Blomster – guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals, podorythmie
Signe Kierkgaard Schmidt – violin
Mads Kjøller Henningsen – flutes, windpipe, bagpipes, mouthpieces
Lies Hendrix – Major
Sebastian Petersson – trombone
Albin Lagg – trumpet, flugelhorn
Erik Larsson – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Henrik Büller – Bbaritone saxophone, alto saxophone
Erik Bengtsson – double bass
Emma Engström – piano, organ