Bild på Spicy Advice Ragtime Band 30 years!

Spicy Advice Ragtime Band 30 years!

For three decades, the Spicy Advice Ragtime Band has been one of the country’s most prominent New Orleans jazz bands. Now they are celebrating with a grand 30-year anniversary concert at Fasching in Stockholm. Ever since the start in the 90s, the Spicy Advice Ragtime Band has distinguished itself for its energy, its organic interplay and its wide dynamic range. Led by Joakim Falk, the group has developed and refined its sound over the years, and today the Spicy Advice Ragtime Band sounds better than ever. Cissi Larsson’s singing contributes to this to a great extent, whose memory of Bessie Smith is a unique feature of the Swedish jazz scene. Most prominent, however, are the collective efforts. For example, the tumbling, vibrant, bubbling ecology that constitutes compet. Or the growing, hot, almost wild intensity, as the orchestra rushes forward in full ensemble, with the final chorus somewhere in the fags. It is something that can hardly be described, but must be experienced live. Welcome to celebrate 30 years party with Spicy Advice Ragtime Band.

Joakim Falk – trumpet
Håkan Persson – trombone
Adam Falk – clarinet, tenor sax
Cissi Larsson – vocals, clarinet
Gunnar Åkerhielm – piano
Jakob Ullberger – banjo
Niklas Wennström – bass
Jonathan Leidecker – drums