Bild på Petter Alatalo

Petter Alatalo

Petter Alatalo is the musician from the Swedish north, with folk music as  a breeding ground and with the Swedish vagabond dream as a golden crown.  An artist who, after entering middleage, gathered the shards and prisms of  life into an album about loss, grief, divorce, and as he himself puts it, pure fucking nonsense. 

Sometimes you don’t even know the difference. A musical universe that  moves between art, Norrbotten, jazz, self-taught three-beat, Finnish sounds  and poetry in Swedish. The consequences of reality. 

The album took shape during a live recording at the Svenska  Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg in the fall of 2023. Produced by the Soundtrack of our lives legend Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm together with some of Norrbotten’s most high-profile musicians from Malmfältens rock club  and Mattias Alkberg: Kalle Nyman (double bass), Nikolai Äystö ( clarinet) and  Markus Larsson (drums). 

In the spring of 2024, “Dumskallarnas vind” was released. Intense,  aggressive, sad and velvety smooth. A time document. 

You are young, you are a dreamer. You have the Tornedalen in your blood,  punk in your heart, the rush in your head. You go out into the big world  without an address, income, money or future. The world is big and longing is  one’s best friend. Then you become an adult, move home, become a father,  there are consequences. And in it is written music: the album  “Dumskallarnas vind”.

Petter Alatalo – piano vocals,
Markus Larsson – drums,
Nikolai Äystö – woodwind instruments,
Kalle Nyman – double bass
Tobias Wiklund – trumpet