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Music is the weapon

Anticipation rises and a distant rumble grows, shaking the ground and rattling windows. Get ready for a captivating experience as the legendary eleven-piece Afrobeat orchestra Music Is The Weapon embarks on a groundbreaking journey into a new era. The streets are already whispering about an upcoming record that will redefine the boundaries of music.

Come to Fasching for an exclusive opportunity to see Music Is The Weapon in the making, where new songs take shape. Expectations are rising, and on February 24, Fasching will be swept along in the orchestra’s musical outburst. Be prepared for pulsating rhythms, lava-like synths and fire-breathing brass riffs that will set the dance floor ablaze.

This is not just a concert; it is a seismic event. Be there to witness MITW take control of Fasching in a burst of soulful music that will take your breath away. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience!

Frida Eleonore Winlöf – trumpet and vocals
Jonas Rönnqvist – alto sax
Christopher Ali Thorén – tenor sax
Fredrik Brändström – keyboards
Tobbe Alpadie – guitar
Jesper Lundquist; guitar
Vilhelm Bromander – bass
Wille Alin – drums
Celso Paco – congas
Jon Olofsson – percussion
Mattias Hidemo – claves