Bild på Misha Panfilov Septet

Misha Panfilov Septet

Misha Panfilov is an Estonian composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Tallinn who has been recording and releasing albums on both American and European labels for over a decade. Panfilov is known both for his solo records and as part of ensembles such as Estrada Orchestra, Center El Muusa and Misha Panfilov Sound Combo. Over the years, Misha Panfilov has cooked up a unique mixture of psychedelic jazz, electronic lounge and ambient exotica where a record like “Days As Echoes” brings to mind Hailu Mergia.

Monika Erdman – electric bass
Volodja Brodsky – piano
Leonid Galaganov – drums / percussion
Kino Toshiki – trumpet / percussion
Ilja Gussarov – flute / baritone sax / percussion
Sasha Petrov – tenor sax / percussion
Misha Panfilov – lap steel guitar / electric guitar / percussion