Bild på Mildlife


Melbourne-based  Mildlife have grown into one of Australia’s most acclaimed acts, carving out their own niche of jazz and psychedelic.
The band consists of Tomas Shanahan, Kevin McDowell, Jim Rindfleish, Adam Halliwell, four Australian musicians on guitar, bass, drums and analog synths who, with their cyclical groove, continue to write 1974 in the almanac.
Following 2020’s Automatic and 2017’s debut Phase, third full-length Chorus comes as a musical testament to the band’s relentless love for the psychedelic and cosmic sound world of the 70s.
If you dig deeper, you can discover Polish jazz, Italo disco and a sprinkling of modern electronica, claim Mildlife themselves.
Come to Fasching this June evening in a space suit of your choice and join in on a unique space-jazz adventure – a wonder from down under.