Bild på Mattias Risberg’s Mining XL

Mattias Risberg’s Mining XL

In this concert with Mining, Mattias Risberg and his band look back on the last six years of digging for their high carat music. They have managed to premiere five hour-long suites, release four records with a fifth on the way, record films and tour the country extensively. The band for the evening is extra large with extra everything: fifteen of the country’s most prominent and celebrated musicians will, on Fasching’s stage, try  to summarize the music and history of Mining. Is this the beginning of the end? Or a starting point for the next chapter?
The band started with a trilogy about mining in Människan (The Man), Bergslagen (The region of Bergslagen) and Världen (The World), composed by bandleader Mattias Risberg. The recipe is their own unique music but we sense ingredients from Mingus, Zappa, Stravinsky, Genesis, Kate Bush, King Crimson, Miles Davis, etc. and they have charmed the jazz world with their intricate compositions, improvisations and spontaneiety.
Eva Lindal violin,
Sten Sandell voice and live electronics,
Fredrik Ljungkvist woodwind,
Mattias Risberg keyboards and compositions,
Morgan Ågren drums,
Mattias Ståhl mallets,
David Stackenäs guitar,
Stina Hellberg Agback harp,
Josefin Runsteen violin,
Per Texas Johansson woodwind,
Jennie Abrahamson song,
Dan Berglund bass.
Susana Santos Silva Trumpet,
Mats Äkellint trombone,
Leo Svensson Sander cello