Bild på Mary Ocher + Your Government // Support: Svitlana Nianio & Tom James Scott

Mary Ocher + Your Government // Support: Svitlana Nianio & Tom James Scott

A completely unique evening with the indie musician, poet and visual artist Mary Ocher born as Mariya Ocheretianskaya in Moscow in 1986, with Ukrainian roots but raised in Tel Aviv.

At the age of nineteen, Ocher started the folk-punk combo Mary and The Baby Cheeses in Tel Aviv. Two years later, she moved the band to Berlin, where she settled down.

Over the past fifteen years, Mary Ocher has created passionate, uncompromising, raw and thought-provoking works dealing with topics such as authoritarianism, identity and conflict. Everything from traditional folk music to 60s garage, ambient music with ethereal vocals and abstract synths to rave and experimental pop with African and South American rhythms.

On the new record Approaching Singularity: Music for The End of Time” Ocher collaborates with Mogwai, Red Axes and composer Roberto Cacciapaglia. Now this exciting experimental artist finally comes to jazz club Fasching together with his two drummers Your Goverment on Labor Day, May 1st.

Support this evening: Svitlana Nianio & Tom James Scott

Ukrainian singer and artist Svitlana Nianio is an almost legendary underground artist (and ambient pioneer) who was with the Ukrainian avant-garde band Cukor Bila Smert, which became a talked about band in her home country. From 1993 she has been solo and the never-before-heard/released record “Transilvania smile” which she made in 1994 (for a dance performance) was finally released in 2023 and was widely praised in the international music press and the vinyl editions have sold out at lightning speed.

Uncompromising in his creative and experimental search. Melting traditional Ukranian folk with piano and harmonium improvisations, Nianio pre-empts later wyrd folk developments with a charmed suite that connects outsider forest folk with layered vocal drones and choral motifs to captivating, heart-stopping effect.

Just before the war, she did a few (and mythical) concerts/performances in Berlin, UK and with this concert, her musical meeting with the British sound artist Tom James Scott (with whom she made two records recently, but on distance and by sending files…) Their latest record “Eye of the Sea” was released in 2023 and ended up on Wire Magazine’s annual best list.

That Svitlana, who still lives in Kyiv in Ukraine despite the very troubled situation) now finally comes with her spellbinding music and makes her first visit to Sweden is great…