Bild på Lyssarides & Prokopiou Duet

Lyssarides & Prokopiou Duet

Pianist and composer, as well as nominated for a Swedish Grammy, Joel Lyssarides meets one of the world’s foremost bouzouki players, Georgios Prokopiou.

In this new and somewhat odd constellation, piano and bouzouki meet in a completely new way. The music consists largely of original compositions signed Lyssarides/Prokopiou but also traditional Greek melodies.

For the general public, bouzouki is often associated with the music of composer Mikis Theodorakis, not least thanks to the soundtrack from the movie “Zorba”.

The instrument that has traditionally had a more backward, accompanied role, is instead highlighted by the duo as the solo instrument it really is and deserves. Together, the duo creates completely new sounds with influences from jazz, Greek, flamenco and classical music.

Joel Lyssarides – Piano
Georgios Prokopiou – Bouzouki, Saz