Bild på Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström Band

Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström Band

Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström met around 1998 when Joakim asked Jockum to create the cover for his band Caesars Palace’s first album.

When Joakim discovered that Jockum not only shared his passion for dusty obscure vinyl records, but that he had actually been playing instruments for many years himself, the idea of creating music together arose. As a band, Joakim & Jockum have previously released 3 albums and several singles, and also toured in France, Denmark, the USA and Sweden.

On the most recently released album “Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström meet Moussa Fadera” (2022), the two have teamed up with the talented drummer Moussa Fadera from Stockholm, as well as Isak Hedtjärn on flute and clarinet. They both have a background in the Swedish jazz scene and have been members of Joakim & Jockum’s live band for a couple of years now.

The music on the album can be described as eclectic or sprawling with elements of everything from jazz and free jazz to heated Afro-funk and melancholic Swedish folk. Fuzz guitars are mixed with beautiful strings, jazzy piano sounds, funky drum beats and oriental meandering melodies from the visiting jazz prodigy.

A new album is also recorded and ready for release later in the fall of 2024

Live, they are a sextet together with, in addition to Fadera & Hedtjärn, also Jonas Liljeberg on brass and Jesper Nordenström on keyboard.

Joakim Åhlund – guitar, bass
Jockum Nordström – bass/guitar
Moussa Fadera – drums
Isak Hedtjärn – wind
Jonas Liljeberg – wind
Jesper Nordenström – piano/keyboards