Bild på Jazzlab: Troldkælling Orkester & Oskar Nöbbelin Sextet

Jazzlab: Troldkælling Orkester & Oskar Nöbbelin Sextet

Meet tomorrow’s jazz stars straight from the Royal Academy of Music! This evening: Troldkælling Orkester & Oskar Nöbbelin Sextet.

The concert is followed by jam session.

Troldkälling Orchestra

Troldkælling Orkester is a newly started project with self-written music, which draws inspiration from adventures and the absurdities of everyday life. The ensemble is a sweet composition of friends with a background in folk music and jazz, and during the concert you will hear: Anna Østerby (accordion), Stina Huldén (soprano/baritone sax), Axel Lidgren (trumpet), Johannes Bäckström (double bass), Alvin Cronberg (drums) Marie von Undall (vocals/lyrics/composition). It will be a mysterious evening with magic, music fans and people clapping. Come on!

Oskar Nöbbelin Sextet

With inspiration from scattered corners such as progressive and psyadelic rock to free jazz and ECM, Oskar Nöbbelin has set to music the old folktale The castle east of the sun and north of the earth. Join him and his sextet through a magical world filled with fairytale creatures, electric guitar, flute, piano and princesses.

Oskar Nöbbelin – Piano
Armin Mir – Guitar
Ture Lewin – Drums
Jakob Einarsson – Bass
Hannes Arason – Trumpet/flugelhorn
Erik Haselfeldt – Saxophone/flute