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Jazzanova Live & DJ Amir

Expect to be surprised, swept away and enchanted by this DJ and producer collective that never lets itself be defined.

It’s been twenty years since The Remixes 1997-2000 hit record shelves around the world like a bomb. With their remix interpretations of song material from artists such as Ian Pooley, Ursula Rucker and Swedish Koop, Jazzanova defined a sound that lay exactly on the borderland between jazz and club music. But by then the DJ and producer collective Jazzanova had already been active for five years.

Because, it’s not just about jazz and electronics for Jazzanova. It was in their big mixing pot of jazz, soul, funk, Brazilian music, folk music, Latin that they boiled down to what can be called “the Jazzanova Sound”.

This line – to be wide open to influences and not back down to mix things that may seem incompatible – they have been faithful to since the beginning. So also on the 2018 album The Pool and on later single releases.

They sample, borrow and take impressions from all possible directions. Their ears are wide open – and they offer an equal parts relaxed and energetic attitude that can be called “urban” if the term doesn’t feel so tight and several numbers too small for Jazzanova’s costume.