Bild på Iiris Viljanen

Iiris Viljanen

The Finnish-Swedish composer and pianist Iiris Viljanen, through her honest and peculiar expression, has achieved success with everything from her Grammy-winning album ‘Den lilla havsfrun’ to a role in the theater production ‘Det vilda’ at Orionteatern. Over the years, Iiris Viljanen has built a reputation as one of Sweden’s leading live acts. The texts are like short stories from the mundanities of life and do not fail to touch someone. Her piano playing and compositions have been said to be similar to Keith Jarrett, Jan Johansson and Lars Gullin, among others. In a review of the latest album in Värmland’s Folkblad, Björn Stefanson wrote: “She could pick out the compass direction for any jazz band and probably also rock the sequins of Elton John if needed.”

Now she has written more stories and returns to the Faschings stage with new setting and new material.

Iiris Viljanen – piano, keyboard, vocals
Martin Höper – bass, choir
Lars Skoglund – drums, choir
Simon Lägervik Sjöstedt – guitar, keyboard, choir