Bild på Håkan Broström Quartet

Håkan Broström Quartet

Håkan’s musical devotion combined with an open-minded attitude has over decades shaped his ability to capture moods in his compositions.

His characteristic tone, characterized by lively melodies floating over harmonies inspired by musicians such as Keith Jarrett, Wayne Shorter and John Coltrane has made him the heavyweight he is today on the Swedish jazz scene.

Last year came his eighth album “My Cat Siri”, which is described as stripped down, playful and lighthearted. We get to hear Håkan’s colorful compositions where a lot of space is left to the moment for improvisation from the saxophonist himself and the band members in the quartet.

Håkan Broström alto and soprano saxophone
Britta Virves       piano
Hugo Löf double bass
Jonas Bäckman drums