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For kids: Jojje Wadenius

Jojje Wadenius together with Cleo the band performs his children’s songs with lyrics by Barbro Lindgren (Goda’, Goda’) and
Kenneth Gärdestad (Zzoppa). The performance, which is both atmospheric and captivating, and is based around classics such as “Mitt lilla barn”, “Min mask”, “Jag är det fulaste som finns” and “Kalles klätterträd” as well as several of Jojje’s newer songs (with Kenneth’s lyrics), for example “Jag är en jubelidiot” and “Åka bil”.

The music is at the center with a mixture of subtlety, which prompts reflection, as well as a little madness, which invites children of all ages to join in and sing and come up with all kinds of whimsy.
The program is approx. 40 minutes long and is primarily aimed at the age group 3-11 years (but also 20-75 years).

Hotdogs, juice and cinnamon buns are sold during/before the concert.