Bild på Emil Strandberg

Emil Strandberg

Emil Strandberg’s music is condense and taciturn, but carries a lot of meaning – like a piece of poetry. From straightforward melodies, an interplay emerges in which the ensemble sound is more important than the individual performance. The band also has a peculiar instrumentation: drums, trumpet and a string section of cello, guitar and double bass.

This concert presents music from the album Tonpoem 2021-2022, but will also premiere new compositions.

Emil Strandberg plays with Hederosgruppen, Runsteen Alien Tongues, Viktor Skokic Sextet, Umlaut Big Band and others.

Emil Strandberg: trumpet
Kasper Agnas: guitar
Mauritz Agnas: cello
Pär-Ola Landin: bass
Andreas Hiroui Larsson: drums

”Strandberg pursues sonic poetry”

— DownBeat

”Emil Strandberg remains one of Sweden’s most lyric, elegant improvisers.”

— We Jazz Magazine