Bild på Den Förbjudna Fruktkolan

Den Förbjudna Fruktkolan

Den Förbjudna Fruktkolan makes music and plays interactive concerts for pre-school children. The music is composed by Sabina Wärme, who also sings in the project. Also participating are Lisa Grotherus on clarinets and choir, Isabell Gustafsson-Ny on piano and Stina Hellberg Agback on harp.

The concerts are based on the music from the self-titled album and the interactive parts consist of, among other things, movement and the opportunity for the children to join in and play on their own terms. The themes in the songs have been developed specifically for the target group in collaboration with library staff in children’s activities, resulting in stories about everything from ants to rainbow families.
The Grammy-nominated album Den Förbjudna Fruktkolan was released in May 2022

Sabina Wärme – vocals and rhythmic instruments,
Lisa Grotherus – clarinet, bass clarinet, choir,
Isabell Gustafsson-Ny – piano,
Stina Hellberg Agback – harp