Bild på Darya & the Moonlight Orchestra

Darya & the Moonlight Orchestra

Cry into a stranger’s chest to the world’s saddest music…

Darya & the Moonlight Orchestra have been playing Finnish tango, waltz, beguine, schlager, rautalanka and humpa for almost 20 years. With lyrics about loss, death, unhappy love and broken dreams, the orchestra sails on despite broken sails over gray melancholic seas.

Unrequited love, tear-jerking lyrics and languishing melodies in a melancholic musical universe of their own have made Darya & the Moonlight Orchestra the foremost ambassadors of Finnish tango in Sweden.
But the band has also developed the genre with a Swedish-Finnish dimension, with the longing to return to a fairytale land that may not exist, and the promise to return that was never fulfilled. The traditional Finnish tango has taken on a new shape when new musical influences such as beguine, psychedelia and steel wire rock have been given more space.

For almost 20 years, Darya & the Moon Orchestra have played in everything from nursing homes and Finnish dance evenings in the countryside to clubs and hip festivals. Three discs have been released, the latest came in 2017 and was the first with own material. The orchestra has also made a number of acclaimed collaborations with artists both with and without a Finnish background. Frida Hyvönen, Markus Krunegård, Anna Maria Espinosa, Iiris Viljanen, Anna Järvinen and David Ritschard are some of the artists who participated in the band’s songs.
For the music for the movie Ingen real finn, the orchestra was awarded the “Jussi” award, the Finnish equivalent of the Guldbagge Awards.

For the sixth year in a row (apart from the pandemic year), Darya & the Moonlight Orchestra now return to Fasching!