Bild på China Moses

China Moses

If you have a mother named Dee Dee Bridgewater who is one of jazz’s great singers, you need quite a lot of talent and charisma not to be perceived as a pale copy. However, China Moses needn’t worry about that – not at all. She herself is a full-fledged jazz singer with a radiance that lights up entire cities – like a gigantic power plant. She can be called a diva in the most positive sense of the word. When she takes the stage, you listen. Point.

She has collaborated with other greats such as Guru, DJ Mehdi, Meshell Ndegeocello and Anthony Marshall – to name a few. China Moses is also the presenter of jazz programs on TSF Jazz in France (where she grew up) and on UK JazzFM. In short, she lives and breathes jazz.

Her strong voice works just as well with classic jazz gems as when she experiments and mixes R&B and hip-hop into the jazz flow. This will be something to look forward to!

China Moses – vocals
Kwame Yeboah – keyboards
Camilla George – saxophone
Jerome Cornelis – guitar
Lawrence Insula – bass
Lox – drums