Bild på Art exhibition: “A jazz solo in ink”

Art exhibition: “A jazz solo in ink”

“A jazz solo in ink”
Live drawn from the side of the stage 1997-2023

Martin Ehrling, who presents his art at Fasching this fall/winter, has a background as a newspaper cartoonist, as well as educational material illustrator. He is perhaps best known to jazz enthusiasts as a illustrator and writer for the Swedish jazz magazine JAZZ / Orkersterjournalen. Martin Ehrling received the Carl von Linne award in 2001 for his work with the book “Dates and computers – everyday life and celebration on the Arabian peninsula”.

He drew for Dagens Nyheter between 1985-2000 and has also made educational materials for the major publishers as well as various educational material and exhibitions for various organizations and state institutions and museums such as Folkens Museum Etnografiska, SIDA, Statens Invandrarverk, UNICEF, Kulturhuset.

During his active years, Martin Ehrling has made various reportage trips with music images to Cuba, Brazil, Congo Brazzaville, Ghana, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Martin Ehrling’s musical portraits have previously been exhibited in Paris, Tokyo and Barcelona.