Bild på Anna Högberg Extended Attack

Anna Högberg Extended Attack

This evening will be the world premiere of a new band and new music. The sextet Anna Högberg Attack is already an established band on the European free jazz scene and has released albums that have been praised internationally and Lena was awarded the Swedish jazzmagazines (JAZZ) Gyllene skivan in 2020. Now a new chapter begins and the band is now unfolding and becoming Anna Högberg Extended Attack. The weight is somewhat heavier, the sorrow has changed character, the light is more fragile and hope is still there. The band leader has put together a new constellation with favorite musicians from Sthlm, Denmark and Austria. Welcome to the premiere party!

“Högberg is a prominent soloist, but it is as a composer and bandleader that she here appears in all her glory. What is exciting is how she as a songwriter is something of a mirror image of what she is like as a soloist. In both roles, her magnificent energy, curiosity, complexity and love for what she does shines through.” Magnus Nygren, JAZZ, July 2020.

“Freejazz is music with resistance. However, Anna Högberg has an ability to create challenging compositions that flow forward like running water, or more strangely than that; water that defies the laws of nature and flows upwards.” Tobias Magnusson, HYMN May 2020

“Just as the split axe splits the wood with the right attack, swing, force AND angle. Wham BAM! This shit is REAL. ” Mats Gustafsson, about Lena 2020

“Anna Högberg is not fucking around (…) This is likely to be one of the best “free jazz” albums of 2020” Phil Freeman, Burning Ambulance, about Lena 2020

Anna Högberg – altsaxophone,
Niklas Barnö – trumpet,
Elin Forkelid – tenorsaxophone,
Maria Bertel – trombone,
Per Åke Holmlander – tuba,
Dieb 13 – turntables,
Lisa Ullén – piano,
Finn Loxbo – guitar, saw,
Elsa Bergman – double bass,
Gus Loxbo – double bass, saw,
Anna Lund – drums,
Dennis Egberth – drums

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