Bild på Alabaster Deplume

Alabaster Deplume

Without fear there is no courage. And courage, well that seems to be the driving force of Alabaster dePlume – a musician who has made it his artistic strategy to jump headlong into what scares him.

It might sound like cheesy self-help babble, but that’s how Alabaster dePlume works, his goal is to  disarm the listener and open up to empathy. His real name is Angus Fairbairn and was active in various noise constellations at home in Manchester before he learned to play the saxophone and became part of London’s flamboyant jazz scene. His music moves beyond formulas and schooling, in the same solar system as Beverly Glenn Copeland and Alice Coltrane, but with a humor as dry as an English cider.

Many of the pieces are poems set to music with seemingly naive messages, but they grow as his voice breaks through, proclaiming the importance of “Being Nice to People”.

Since last being here in 2022, Alabaster Deplume has teamed up with members of The Comet Is Coming, Joshua Idehen and released new album in 2023 –  Come With Fierce Grace which had the reviewers cheering!




Foto: Niclas Weber