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AZYMUTH 50th ANNIVERSARY TOUR / In Tribute to Ivan “Mamão” Conti

Legendary Brazilian jazz-fusion-samba trio Azymuth turns 50. As one of Brazil’s most influential and long-lived bands, formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1973, the trio has played with all the greats of Brazilian music from singer-songwriter Milton Nascimento to singers Jorge Ben and Marcos Valle. Valle was the one who gave the band its name during the recording of the soundtrack for the film O Fabuloso Fittipaldi about Formula 1 star Emerson Fittipaldi.

Through their combo of jazz, funk and samba, the trio has the genre “samba doido”, a sort of “crazy samba”, on their conscience. In addition to influencing several generations of jazz and funk musicians, Azymuth’s contribution to electronic music around the world is significant.

Sadly, this spring, drummer and percussionist Ivan Mamão Conti died suddenly during the planning of the anniversary tour. All that remains of the original trio with Mamão, José Roberto Bertrami keyboards, Alex Malheiros bass and guitars is now only Alex Malheiros.

Instead of canceling the 50th anniversary celebration, they invited the band’s and Mamão’s close friend Renato Massa, one of Brazil’s most respected drummers. Now this vital, enchantingly swinging trio comes to Fasching, honoring their friend and colleague Ivan “Mamão” Conti.


Alex Malheiros – bass
Kiko Continentino – keyboards
Renato Massa – drums